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The Sunken Cathdedral

by Frederick the Victorious

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Go forward, falter. The rise is in the fall. The journey has just begun. The roads are winding.The nights are long. The journey has just begun. You say your name is The Hope Everlasting. You say your name is Salvation with Consequence. You say your name is Two Sides of the Story. You say your name is Good Fortune and Good Luck.
Opalescent 05:49
I’ve designed it as the perfect replication of my mind. It’s complex, refined, meant to capture only those who seek to find it and what is behind it. The slight decline maps the ceiling up above us as the sky. The steps lead up high to a wall of words I would not dare decipher. We walked further and further into the dark. My hands, they’re holding on tight, looking for light, guided by song through silent night. Two worlds complete, they mark the marble centerpiece by memory. One cold and bare, the other draped in green and mystery. We walked further and further into the dark. My hands, they’re holding on tight, looking for light, guided by song through silent night. In opalescent shades and colors and in making sense of space and time. Of globes and maps to track my plans, I know I’ll never understand just where to start. It was the words I wrote in letters and the words I wished I said They kept a heart that hid from many in the darkness of city until the end.
I still have a heart, that much is true. But it will take a long, long time to break for you. Whether it will, or whether it wont. Depends on whether I see you again. I’ve seen them come and Ive seen them go If seeing is believing; then I believe it all. Whether I stay or whether I go, depends on whether I see you again. This heavy heart, this broken soul can hold its own. I can lie right to the liars, cut their bodies to the bone. I get whatever I want and I won’t ever look back for you.


IN SUMMARY. After the startling discovery of The Canvas Never-Ending Tome in the far reaches of the Sarchen Veil, a brutal rivalry erupts between the twin Lords of the Etherean Steppe, Aden and Dragus; each brother seeking to control the Tome and its formula for eternal life. This rivalry culminates in their accidental creation of a new and monstrous evil – The Bloodshot; setting the stage for a series of conflicts that will span over one thousand years and two different worlds filled with enchantment and mystery.

EACH VOLUME details the separate lives centrally positioned within the events that unfold. Frederick's story is unique to the narrative in that he is the first of the young race of Barren to bridge the gap between worlds; exploring both the vast bleak stonescape of The Etherean Steppe and the lush, wooded mountains and lakes of Ortha. In doing so, he will unknowingly carry out a meticulously planned vengeance for Lahkrum, Son of Aden, Watcher of the World Within, Disgraced Criminal Prince of the Vigorund Court.

THE SUNKEN CATHEDRAL. It was beyond comprehension. Looking upwards, a dual set of winding staircases framed a score of stained-glass windows chronicling the budding, blooming and wilting of an Etherean Rose. Beneath, a full library of the classics and a sprawling draft table, with hundreds of maps and plans scattered across the face and the floor. Down a small step, a comfortable arrangement of broad, distressed leather chairs covered in fur lined blankets complement a towering fireplace. In the dim light I could just make out the many faces in a large set of Vigorund statuettes neatly organized on the mantle. How could such a place exist? Why would a construction of such grandeur and beauty be hidden from the world? Well, I am sure I could have found many reasons, but it was the words written in the etchings that cascaded across the interior berth of the main corridor that continue to haunt me to this day.


released August 20, 2015

Album written and performed by Nicholas Villani, Brian Takacs, Griffin Sargent and Joseph Cruz at Miner Street Studios in Philadelphia.

Album mixed by Griffin Sargent and Matt Schimelfenig.

Album mastered by Rob Stewart of JustMastering.com

Original acrylic album art painting done by Sophie Titolo; edited by Meryl Natow and Nicholas Villani.


all rights reserved



Frederick the Victorious New York, New York

Just speak easy, speak your mind, take your time. The words you wait to say are always the best kind.

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