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The Forest

by Frederick the Victorious

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Look at the lines on my face. They are the lasting impression, the broken ambition- an unspoken confession I've aged. Look at the palms of my hands. Callouses cast on these golden extensions, the mark of a maker, a man. So who am I? I am the writer, the writing, the lie. Look to the stars in the sky! They color the canvas of night never-ending, of life everlasting above. Where voices cascade into light, replacing an army of whispers- they’re drifting in darkness; an endless supply. So who am I? I am the writer. The reluctant designer. When the world around me fell apart, I fell with it. I ran away with a broken heart; though hearts will always heal- but they will never be the same again in the sweetest way. The sorrow sells itself with another face, and I like just what I see. This mirror never lied to me. So follow my words and you'll see, this canvas is calling; two worlds and a story. A boy and his journey, the girl who loved him, the Forest, the City, the Line. The unfortunate son of a king, he was forgotten forever, under lock, key and leather. The daughter that loved him, a sunken cathedral, their legacy drifting in time. So who am I? I am the writer. The reflected definer. When the world around me fell apart, I fell with it. I ran away with a broken heart; though hearts will always heal- but they will never be the same again in the sweetest way. The sorrow sells itself with another face, and I like just what I see. This mirror never lied to me.
The Child, first after five- the palest of skin and the bluest of eyes. Her fingers were golden and thin, they shine in the darkness, the hands of the innocent. Her mother, the youngest of four- built a home for husband, but kept the cradle before. Her father, faces were three- the lover, the dreamer, the keeper of secrets so… Safely, sleeping, through songs from the sky up above. The Willows are weeping. The stars are falling down. In the moment, the passing of two – it was for life never-ending, revealing the truth. For their daughter, she was left there alone. Her memory is fading away.
Awakening 00:57
Sapsparrow 04:43
“Stop”, the young woman said. “Your lies are the reason you embrace that feathered shell. Be honest, be still. Awake to your phantom form with just a wish and a will.” In the chest that they failed to protect, a Passage of Never-Ending pages laid to rest. This Canvas is calling to strike you a bargain, one you couldn’t bear to resist.” He said that “It can take away your bitterness and your sadness too. Reveal the river running red, your soul to sell. Ask for anything you want, for anything you will. It’s a promise for a promise, take that promise let it go. Her glowing hands are hands that take the slumbering reality and make it real (a worthy enterprise). Let us set aside her crooked calling, take her as the moonlit daughter of this forest, of its wicked ways. She said “if it can take away my bitterness and my sadness too. This gift that many fear, surrenders down to you. Ask me for anything you want, for anything you will. This Forest is your Forest and it’s yours because of Lilith! She frees you of your feathers and your flesh! Of this embodiment, this torture and this test. To the edge of the darkness with us. This world, it’s not for her. The creator within had no place in her skin. This world, it’s for the rest-but she could never forgive, and she could never forget. Those words, they went too far. They could never return what was stolen from her. The dark consumed her heart, and the tears were replaced with the falling of stars up above.
I've got a way! Two tickets and a bold proposition. I've got a way, and a beautiful lady that’s waiting. She's at the edge of the city- where the trees are silent and the roads are cold. She's at the edge of the city, where the women are so tired and the men have grown old. But not her - she's got the burden of her beauty. Oh not her - and I can tell we're getting close! Some, oh they say, that you are better off to stay watching them safely from a distance. In shadows plans are spun away. So come and play, you'll let your guard down anyway. Though their words are never empty, they're always sure to lead you astray. Heavy footed fools breaking the branches on the ground. Taking for granted the precious and the delicate. In perfect hindsight blinded by a passive disposition. Take a step, you take a life, take me for her. Husband for wife. I've got a way, to bury the thief in his den. I've got a way, introducing monster to man. At the edge of the city, where the favor is returned with an echo and a fall! At the edge of the city…where fortune will not favor the mighty or the small! But not us! We have the burden of the lonely! Oh not us! Because they always come around again... Most are spiders for revenge. Like the spiders that wait patient in webs. Like the spiders that catch innocent eyes. Like the spiders that tell terrible lies. They're begging to go home, before they watch themselves disappear…
So they’re calling out to all their friends. Let this engagement take its shape. The referendum; it’s meticulous and ornate. Suggest tonight we serve these Gentlemen their fate? (In this House of Wolves). So, for whom do I have the pleasure of catering to tonight? I know I'm not surprised, to find that they’ve devised. A rather indulgent spread to quell their appetite. So come on... It’s quite consoling, but not entirely unique. This celebration, this parade, comes to an end. The bravest poison (and I'm doing as I must)- the fairest split at which I dictate they will trust! So, for whom do I have the pleasure of catering to tonight? I know I'm not surprised, to find that they’ve devised. A rather indulgent spread to quell their appetite. One! Two! Three! Four! The Wolves are waiting at the door! You know you're gonna let them on in. Fine tricks at heaven’s gate (and though I’ll overcompensate). One drop of this should bring them to the floor. You’ll bring them to the floor. Let them in, dear Harlequin! Let them drink to their demise. Put a smile on your face right when you look them in the eyes. They won't take any more from us, lest the gentlemen agree. He sent them slowly on their way. No thanks to God and his good speed. Sweet surrender! I’m just a repeat revenger of my own self-inflicted misfortune!
So I met a man, who made figures of birds with his hands. They were carved from a tree that was grown from a seed that was picked carefully. "Go fly away," he said to me, "Like my friends over here. Go fly away and let them see how you fare." So I met a girl, who was told to stand tall in good stead. After we spoke I found that I'd already heard what she said. "Go find yourself," she said to me with concern in her voice. "I'm tired of pretending," I replied. So I met a child and her eyes were the deepest of blue. She said nothing at all as she stared back at me, but at least I knew it was true. One day you'll see the dreams that you dreamed - well, some of them will fade…it’s what you do with the ones that have stayed, what you do with the ones that have stayed. Then suddenly- The birds they have flown away and I wish that the girl would tell stories that I've already heard. Then suddenly, the child who stared back at me, is telling the truth and nothing hurts more than the truth in the end.
Foxfollow 08:40
This Fox won’t follow his fathers. There was one before them all, they fell, now there are none. Stand brave in presence of them there, the sparrow, the spider, the bear, the wolves and the warrior’s stare. Stand brave, this legacy is true. The forgotten, the fallen, the few, the ones that will wait for the words. They were perfectly drafted. A map and a muse- the fox in his den. So what is it then? A plan so perfectly crafted. Go forward and make it so.


FREDERICK THE VICTORIOUS is the primary musical medium through which the ETHEREAN CHRONICLES will be told. The chronicles encompass a multi-volume epic, written by Nicholas Villani.

IN SUMMARY. After the startling discovery of The Canvas Never-Ending Tome in the far reaches of the Sarchen Veil, a brutal rivalry erupts between the twin Lords of the Etherean Steppe, Aden and Dragus; each brother seeking to control the Tome and its formula for eternal life. This rivalry culminates in their accidental creation of a new and monstrous evil – The Bloodshot; setting the stage for a series of conflicts that will span over one thousand years and two different worlds filled with enchantment and mystery.

EACH VOLUME details the separate lives centrally positioned within the events that unfold. Frederick's story is unique to the narrative in that he is the first of the young race of Barren to bridge the gap between worlds; exploring both the vast bleak stonescape of The Etherean Steppe and the lush, wooded mountains and lakes of Ortha. In doing so, he will unknowingly carry out a meticulously planned vengeance for Lahkrum, Son of Aden, Watcher of the World Within, Disgraced Criminal Prince of the Vigorund Court.

THE FOREST introduces the listener to Morgunviere, a sprawling forest just North of Baiting’s Hollow and Verdana Crossing. This enchanted forest serves as an intersection for multiple characters in the story, including: Orren the Infamous, the banished Vigorund scientist, as he races to reach Frederick before The Bloodshot arrive at Baiting’s Hollow. Lilith of the Falling Stars, Witch of the Wood- a grief-stricken young woman under forced employment; using her powers to transform the forest from a peaceful sanctuary into a living fortress. A disfigured group of gentle gypsies, The Forgotten, who harbor an ancient secret. The mechanical Sapsparrow, a tiny flying prison built to encase a particularly unlucky Bloodshot soldier, the first example of Lilith’s handiwork. The cunning Spider, as he spins a plan of revenge against a clumsy Bear (who made a grievously wrong step). Young Harlequin and her cabin at Little Peak; under siege from the Gentleman-Wolves of Birch Briar during their party-rampage through the wood. Follow, a thoughtful Hollowfox; the last of his kind. Lastly, Frederick, our protagonist, as he travels through the forest to return to Baiting’s Hollow after a seven year absence.


released September 7, 2014

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Frederick the Victorious. All lyrics, characters and Etherean Chronicles content © Nicholas Villani. All tracks mixed and engineered by Griffin Sargent. Addtional curation by Brian Takacs. Mastering by Rob Stewart at JustMastering.com

Thank you.

To the Takacs Family for allowing the construction of The Drum Fort in their living room. The Sargent Family for a constant supply of cheeseburgers, pizza and dumplings. To the Kish Family for their support at every live event. The Villani Family for dealing with their stressed out son. Our wonder girlfriends who were always the top priority, but sometimes had to wait until we finished something with the band first. Philip Mellina, who graciously lent us his microphone collection. Rob Stewart at JustMastering.com, who mastered the album and offered invaluable advice throughout the process. Brian McTear and Weathervane Music, from whom we learned many innovative recording techniques. Our sponsor Smart Water, who helped us through the toughest mornings. Every single person who ever showed up for a live performance or streamed our music. Thank you all.


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Frederick the Victorious New York, New York

Just speak easy, speak your mind, take your time. The words you wait to say are always the best kind.

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